Specialized Autism Support

for Families, Caregivers and Early Childhood Professionals

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Growth Together

bloomhealth is here to bridge the gap by creating and connecting people with resources that help them thrive with autism.

Who We Support


Raising a child with autism takes a team. It takes focus at home, at school, and every social context. No waitlists, no breaking the bank. Bloom Health is committed to empowering parents to build solid relationships with their children on the spectrum. We want YOU to be the expert on your child. Through Ask me Anything sessions or Direct Consultation, we can give information on Autism Spectrum Disorder, guide you through assessments and evaluations, and provide training and support for behavioral modifications in your home life.

Early Childhood Professionals

Facilitating a safe environment for neurotypical children and children on the spectrum can be a challenge for businesses and non-profits. From schools, to churches, to child care services, we offer special Ask Me Anything sessions and Consultation and Training sessions to help guide your organization toward creating a space, curriculum and culture where everyone can thrive.

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